Concrete Anchor Important Role for Fastening

I think the man who invented concrete anchor is a genius. We can see concrete anchor all day and all the time, i can't image the life without the little thing. Fortunately, our company - Betonanker fastener Industrial Limited called "TAILOR OF THE EARTH" has prevented the situation. We have more than 25 years history to produce concrete anchor. We can provide all kinds of concrete anchors for any use. The concrete anchor we produced has been applied into many areas, for example: furniture, electrical appliances, construction, traffic and so on. The quality is perfect, the reflection of the customer is good.

I don't want to stress the importance of the concrete anchor anymore. As we all know, concrete anchor is used to attach objects or structures to concrete, due to the use, we can see it in many areas. Let's see some examples:

A high building structure standing in the blue sky.

Is this building structure spectacular? Of course it is. But why the building can stand here firmly? We can see in the bottom it's the concrete anchor that has attached the fixture to the concrete, it's also the concrete anchor that has connected the steel pipe. Concrete anchor is small, but the function is important.

An air-conditioning host hanging on the wall

The is an air-conditioning host. It can't work on the ground and it should be hanged on the wall. As we can see, the owner has used the concrete anchor to attach the air-conditioning host to the wall. It seems good.

A part of wooden furniture connected by concrete anchor

The furniture looks beautiful and brand-new. All of us need furniture in our daily life. The furniture consists of many blocks of wood. The concrete anchor plays an important role in connecting the wood. People have used the concrete anchors years.

A part of highway with the guardrails

From the picture, we can see clearly that the guardrail is fastened with concrete anchors. We use concrete anchor to fasten the guardrail, it can guaranty the safety of the people and car, so the anchor plays a very important role in traffic.

Now we have realized the widely application of the concrete anchor, but we can't use it in a hurry, because we have many kinds of anchors and each kind has its own use, we can't use the anchor in confusion. There are some typical anchors present:

A wedge anchor made of zinc plated carbon steel

The concrete anchor in the picture is called wedge anchor, we can often see it in our daily life. It consists of four parts: the nut, the washer, the threaded anchor body, the expansion clip. As for the application, it's used for fastening in concrete only.

A double expansion anchor standing upright

If you are in need of concrete anchors for softer material, don't hesitate, double expansion anchor is a good choice. The anchor with two expansion nuts is used for light duty to heavy duty in softer material, or a material whose strength is suspect.

A yellow zinc alloy lag shield anchor

Lag shield anchor is in high quality and widely used, but it's not used alone, it's used in conjunction with a lag screw. It can be installed no matter in concrete, block, brick or mortar.

A zinc plated sleeve anchor

Sleeve anchor is beautiful from the outside, and it's also very useful. It's available for light to heavy-duty fastening in concrete, brick, block, mortar. When you need to fasten some fixtures, you should think about it.

Concrete anchor is small, but it's critical, so be careful with the purchasing. For our company, we have obvious advantages.

we have obvious advantages.
Long history

We have more than 25 years' history to produce concrete anchor, it's a long time. During this time, we have produced lots of concrete anchors according to the requirements. We are experienced.

Professional team

During the last time, many customers have special situations and requirements. Every time, we can pick the right type concrete anchor for them. We know which kind concrete anchor suits which situation very well.

Good quality

Good quality is the most important thing for the customer. We know the importance of the anchor, a poor quality concrete fastener may create an accident. All the time, we dare to relax. As a result, there is no accident happen for our anchor.

First-class service

The service includes pre-sale service, in sale service, and after sale service. During the whole process, we will answer all the questions that you ask and solve all the problems. At last, give you a nice fastener solution.

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