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We Are Professional to Produce Concrete Anchor

Our company - Betonanker fastener Industrial Limited is also called "The tailor of the earth". We have more than 25 years to achieve our aim. What we do is to produce concrete anchor for fixture fastening. During the past years, we have produced many high quality anchors that are used in many areas including furniture, electrical appliances, construction. Seen our product has been applied into so many areas, we feel that we are closer to our aim. Our concrete anchor is really changing the earth. This is also the reason why others call us "the tailor of the earth".

All kinds of concrete anchors

We are a professional team. For different situations, we can offer different kinds of concrete anchors, we can always find the best solution.

Good quality

For the over 25 years, we are very proud to say that there is no accident happened because of our product. We believe that quality is the fundamental of the company.

Customer response

The response of customers is pretty good. After they have bought our product for the first time, usually they will buy the second time, the third time...

Nice price

We can't guarantee that our price is the lowest, but we can guarantee that our price is the best for the high quality.

First-class service

All of the workers are well-educated with patience. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us, we will try our best to answer you and find the best fastener solution.

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