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Concrete anchor important role in fixture fastening

A wedge anchor made of zinc plated carbon steel

Wedge anchor is made of zinc plated carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized, 303 stainless steel, and 316 stainless steel. Wedge anchor is used for fastening in concrete only.

A double expansion anchor standing upright

Double expansion anchor is made of a die cast alloy. It's used for light duty to heavy duty in softer material, or a material whose strength is suspect.

A yellow zinc plated single expansion anchor

Single expansion anchor is an internally threaded, mounted anchor for light to heavy duty. It's used in hard, dense base materials such as concrete, brick block, and mortar.

A zinc plated drop-in anchor

Drop-in anchor consists of two parts: expansion shield and cone expander plug in shield. The concrete anchor is designed for permanently fastening duty in solid concrete only.

A zinc plated carbon steel sleeve anchor with hex head

Sleeve anchor is available in zinc plated carbon steel and stainless steel. It's used for light to heavy-duty fastening in concrete, brick, block, mortar.

A hurricane shutter insert anchor

Hurricane shutter insert anchor is a special anchor. The anchors are made to fasten shutter insert into concrete, brick, block, and wood base material.

A yellow zinc alloy lag shield anchor

Lag shield anchor is made from Zamac. It's used in conjunction with a lag screw and it can be installed in many materials such as concrete, block, brick or mortar.

A white wall driller made of zamak

Wall driller is made of nylon or zamak, it is used for light duty fastening in drywall. Its unique design allows it make only a small hole on the wall.

A zinc alloy metal hit anchor

Metal hit anchor consists of anchor body and pin. It's a precision die-cast, light-duty concrete anchor designed for anchoring into concrete, brick or block.

A split drive anchor with countersunk head

Split drive anchor is made of grade 2 carbon steel with a zinc coating. The anchor is used in hard material, such as: concrete, grout-filled block and stone.

A metal toggle bolt with two wings

Metal toggle bolt consists of zinc plated steel bolt and two spring-action snaps wings, it's used in hollow base material such as hollow concrete blocks and drywall.

A bright straight shank concrete bit

Straight shank concrete bit is made of carbide and steel. It's used to drill holes in concrete, brick or block with the hammer drill together.

A steel SDS carbide bit

SDS carbide bit is made from premium quality steel and carbide. It's installed on the head of the hammer drill, used for drilling holes in concrete, brick or block.

A white hollow wall anchor made of plastic.

Plastic hollow wall anchor consists of a cylindrical body with four anti-rotation fins . It's used for fastening the item into many hollow base materials.

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