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Metal Toggle Bolt - 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" Butterfly Anchor.

A simple toggle bolt with a screw and metal channel

Metal toggle bolt is widely used, it's simple but durable.

Metal toggle bolt consists of two consists of two parts - Zinc Plated Steel Bolt and two spring-action snaps wings. So metal toggle bolt is also called butter anchor. When the wings open to spread load out over a greater surface than other anchors. Metal toggle bolt is designed to use in hollow base material such as hollow concrete blocks and drywall. It need a pre-drilled hole. Our steel toggle bolts are offered in 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" diameters, and each diameter has 3" and 4" length. The butterfly anchor diameter is refer to the diameter of the bolt that fits into the toggle bolt, and also the hole diameter needed.

Specification of metal toggle bolt
Items Diam/total length
MTB143 1/4" × 3" Toggle Bolt
MTB144 1/4" × 4" Toggle Bolt
MTB3163 3/16" × 3" Toggle Bolt
MTB3164 316 " × 4" Toggle Bolt
MTB183 1/8" × 3" Toggle Bolt
MTB184 1/8" × 4" Toggle Bolt
A rusty part metal sheet fastened with a toggle bolt and the other on the surface

Toggle bolt has a wide uses, it can be used in all hollow materials.


  • Each anchor is pre-assembled and ready for use.
  • The installation is fast and easy.
  • Toggle bolts are designed for use in hollow base material such as drywall or hollow concrete blocks.

Toggle bolt can be used in all hollow materials, including: drywall, gypsum board, plaster, plasterboard, concrete block, cinder block, aerated concrete, stucco, composite panels, acoustic ceilings, fiberglass, cement board, green board.

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