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Split Drive Anchors for Light Duty Permanently Fasten

Split drive anchor is also called concrete split drive anchor. It's made of grade 2 carbon steel with a zinc coating. The anchor is a one piece anchor. On the working end, there is a split-type expansion mechanism. When the anchor is driven into the hole, the expansion mechanism compresses and produces the friction against the hole. There are three head styles: mushroom, countersunk and duplex. The anchor is suitable used in solid concrete, grout-filled block and stone. But it is not recommended for hollow base material. This anchor is suited for permanent, tamper-proof installation. It is suitable for light duty. The anchor is only available in a 1/4" diameter.

A split drive anchor with a countersunk head and on the working end has a expansion mechanism.

Concrete split drive anchor is a one piece anchor and a split-type expansion mechanism in the bottom.

A split drive anchor with countersunk head.

Split drive anchor has three head styles, this is split drive anchor with countersunk head.

A split drive anchor with duplex head

Split drive anchor has three head styles, this is split drive anchor with duplex head.

A split drive anchor with mushroom head

Split drive anchor has three head styles, this is split drive anchor with mushroom head.


  • The anchor is used for permanent, tamper-proof installation.
  • The anchor is permanent, the only way to remove the anchor is to cut off the head of the anchor.
  • Only 1/4" diameter is available for the anchor.
  • The products should be used in dry, interior and non-corrosive environments only.
  • The minimum distance between the two anchors is ten anchor diameters, and the minimum distance between split drive anchor and edge should be five anchor diameters.
  • It's only one piece without others.
  • It's tamper resistant.


  • Material: high strength heat-treated carbon steel with zinc plate, rust resistance.
  • Head style: mushroom, countersunk and duplex.
Specification of the split drive anchor
Items Size (diameter × length) Head style Quantity/box
SDAF14112 1/4" × 1-1/2" Flat 100
SDAF142 1/4" × 2" Flat 100
SDAF14212 1/4" × 2-1/2" Flat 100
SDAF143 1/4" × 3" Flat 100
SDAF144 1/4" × 4" Flat 100
SDAR14114 1/4" × 1-1/4" Round 100
SDAR14112 1/4" × 1-1/2" Round 100
SDAR142 1/4" × 2" Round 100
SDAR14212 1/4" × 2-1/2" Round 100


  1. Use the hammer drill and the proper carbide drill bit to drill a hole, the diameter of the hole should be equal to the diameter of the concrete split drive anchor.
  2. Clean out all the debris
  3. Insert the anchor through the fixture into the hole, and use a hammer to strike the anchor his head is flush with the base material.

Split drive anchor is usually used in solid concrete, not used in hollow base material - brick or block. The anchor is strict with the environment, the environment should be dry, interior and non-corrosive.

Use concrete split drive anchor to fasten plank onto the brick wall

Split drive anchor is one piece anchor and can be used in solid concrete.

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